WCup WCup WCup
The Individual World Cup winners in 2018 will be celebrated after 9 competitions in three countries. The World Cup starts in Hungary at the European Championships, continuing at the World Championships in Austria and ends with the final in Lithuania 21-23 September. The total World Cup score will be made up of the best 7 scores out of the 9 competitions. The Team World Cup consists of the 3 Relay competitions through the season. Will anyone beat the reigning Champions, Emily Benham (GBR) and Krystof Bogar (CZE)?






Individual World Cup
1Jun.29 Budapest, Hungary Long
2Jun.30 Budapest, Hungary Middle
3Aug.07 Waldviertel, Austria Long
4Aug.08 Waldviertel, Austria Middle
5Aug.11 Waldviertel, Austria Long
6Aug.12 Waldviertel, Austria Sprint
7Sep.21 Odemira, Portugal Middle
8Sep.22 Odemira, Portugal Long
9Sep.23 Odemira, Portugal Sprint
Team World Cup
1Jul.01Budapest, HungaryRelay Mixed
2Aug.09Waldviertel, AustriaRelay Men
2Aug.09Waldviertel, AustriaRelay Women