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The World Cup winners in 2017 will be celebrated after 10 competitions in four countries. The Cup starts in Finland, continuing at the World Orienteering Championships in Estonia, followed by 2 competitions in Latvia and ends with the final competitions in Switzerland 29-30 september. After competition 10 the sum of the best 7 scores out of the first 8 competitions plus the scores from competitions 9 and 10 defines the World Cup winner 2017, the best orienteer for the season! The Team Competition will give the title to the federation team is the fastest over 7 Relays/Sprint Relays.






Individual World Cup
1May.25Lohja, FinlandSprint
2May.27Lintukiima, FinlandMiddle
3May.28Lintukiima, FinlandLong
4Jul.01WOC, Tartu, EstoniaSprint
5Jul.04WOC, Rouge, EstoniaLong
6Jul.06WOC, Elva-Vitipalu, EstoniaMiddle
7Aug.25Cesis, LatviaMiddle
8Aug.28Cesis, LatviaSprint
9Sep.29Grindelwald, SwitzerlandLong
10Sep.30Final, Grindelwald, SwitzerlandMiddle
Team World Cup
1May.24Turku, FinlandSprint
2Jul.02WOC, Viljandi, EstoniaSprint
3Jul.07WOC, Elva-Vitipalu, EstoniaLong
4Aug.26Cesis, LatviaLong
5Oct.01Final, Grindelwald, SwitzerlandSprint